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finest parathas, plus a recipe, from Foodie’s Special

Indian food is renowned for its exotic spices and delicate herbs. Indian culture is rich in culinary diversity. The nation has created a diversity of cuisines as a result of its unique qualities. Parathas are a common breakfast item in India. These Indian parathas are a type of bread from India and are stuffed with a variety of vegetables.

I’ll discuss the wholesome, delectable, and most widely consumed onion paratha in this post, which is made in practically every Indian home, particularly in North India. You’ll be tempted and have your taste buds tickled by these nutritious and delectable parathas. the following list

1. Aaloo Pyaz Paratha (potato and onion).

One of the most well-known parathas, known as “makhan” and made at home, is cooked with a lot of pure ghee and garnished with blobs of white butter. Put potato parathas in the oven as directed:

Peel the potatoes after boiling them first. Finely slice an onion if you have one.
– According on your preference, you can add spices like garam masala, green chilies, salt, and red chilies.
– Using this spice mixture, completely mash the potatoes and onion.
– You can choose two methods for the stuffing: The first one is: Take two medium-sized balls of the dough made from the well-kneaded wheat flour, and roll each one into a circle on the board.
– One of the rolled doughs should be covered with a tiny amount of the potato and onion filling.
– To enclose the potatoes, place another piece of dough on top and press the edges together.
– To keep the paratha from sticking to the hot griddle, sprinkle some dry flour on top.
– The second technique is to roll out a little larger ball of dough into a circular. The centre of this rolled-out dough should contain the aaloo pyaz filling.
– Pull the edges closer together until they bulge.
– Apply pressure to the mixture with your fingers.
– Roll out the dovetail after dusting the pasta board with some dry flour.
– Both methods require the paratha to be prepared on a hot griddle or tava.
– Ghee should be used to fry the aaloo pyaz paratha from both sides.
– Ghee, butter, mango pickle, and yoghurt go well with paratha.

2. Gobhi (cauliflower) paratha – Grate the cauliflower or gobhi finely, then stir in some finely chopped green chilies.

– Completely squeeze the gobi to ensure proper drying.
– Red chilies, salt, and a few carom seeds should be added to this combination.
– Take a medium-sized ball of wheat flour that has been thoroughly mixed; the filling and cooking are the same as for aloo-pyaz paratha. Moreover, it comes with butter, yoghurt, mango pickle, and occasionally coriander/mint chutney.

3. Paneer paratha, or cottage cheese bread.

One of my favourite paratha variants is this one. The following is how a paneer paratha is made:

– Using your hands, finely grate or crumble the paneer. Green chiles that have been diced, salt, and spice powder should all be added.
– Roll out a medium-sized dough made of kneaded wheat flour.
– To make it easier to roll out, pour the shredded paneer on top of some dry flour.
– On a tava or hot pan, fry it in ghee. Serve with mango/chili pickle, butter, yoghurt, and coriander/mint chutney.

4. a paratha with spinach

Another wonderful and nutritious paratha is the palak paratha. It is beneficial for kids who won’t eat vegetables with palak. It is also the most widely consumed vegetarian Indian breakfast dish.
– To get rid of the mud, give the spinach leaves a good water rinse.
– Drain. – The majority of the time, spinach is boiled, pureed, and then combined with wheat flour. But, when making dishes like Aaloo Pyaz, Gobhi, and Paneer Paratha, I like to put raw leaves right into the dough.
– Use the cooked spinach mixture with the wheat flour, salt, carom seeds, green and red chilies, and a tablespoon of ghee to knead the base if you want to utilise the first method.
– Take a small amount of dough, roll it out, and then fry it in ghee on the tava. Hot spinach paratha is best served with butter or yoghurt.
– So if you want to eat paratha my way, go ahead. The spinach leaves should be chopped finely, thoroughly washed, and rinsed to remove all water. Add the spices listed above at this point.
– Then, proceed as you would for a paneer or gobhi paratha.

5. a paratha with mooli (radish).

This paratha is a favourite of my mother’s. As with radish, it is typically prepared during the winter.


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