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Your Ultimate Checklist for Newborn Baby Essentials

Shopping for baby essentials is likely high on your list of to-dos when preparing for a baby’s arrival. After all, you’ll want all your baby essentials when the baby arrives.

It’s easy to get caught up in buying baby essentials, from setting up the nursery to ensuring you have everything you need for sleeping, eating, and diapering. Furthermore, the number of baby essentials a newborn requires (or can have) may surprise any expecting parent. This article by Care for Child has covered the ultimate checklist for all your newborn essentials that you may require once your little bundle of joy arrives.

Diapering Baby EssentialsĀ 

Changing a diaper may appear complicated at first, but trust us, you’ll get the hang of it quickly, and these baby essentials will help you get there even faster. Check out this list of baby diapering essentials:

  • Several dozen cloth diapers: A set of four to six SuperBottoms UNO cloth diapers is a good place to start.
  • Changing pads: These affordable waterproof pads easily secure changing tables and dressers.
  • Diaper Bag or Multipurpose Organizer: A simple yet practical storage solution for frequently used items.Ā 

This Multipurpose Organiser has a sturdy base and two external pockets and is made of 100% cotton. Two tie-on loops at the top allow customized usage based on your needs.

  • Diaper Cream: Two large tubes of baby ointment or barrier cream to prevent diaper rash.
  • Baby Wipes: This 72-pack of SuperBottoms XtraHydrating baby wipes are 3x thicker and provide 3.5x more moisture to the baby’s skin while effectively cleaning it.Ā 

It contains calendula oil, which has been proven to be safe for sensitive and rash-prone skin.

Baby Clothing EssentialsĀ 

Tiny baby clothes with adorable prints are everyone’s favorite but you’ll want to choose practical baby items to keep your newborn comfortable and cozy. Here are the baby essentials that you might require when it comes to clothing:

  • 2-4 Swaddles Wraps: Snug swaddling calms babies because it makes them feel held and reminds them of being in the womb.
  • 4-8 Onesies or undershirts (purchase in a mix of short and long sleeves): These organic cotton bodysuits are an excellent option.
  • 4-7 Leg warmers or socks: Leg Warmers are coverings for the lower legs that come in adorable prints and keep babies’ legs covered and protected during the crawling stages – all while flaunting off the diaper.
  • 2-3 Baby Blankets: SuperBottoms Baby Blanket is made of 100% pure and organic Mulmul Cotton and is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for all seasons.
  • Gentle laundry sheets: Laundry sheets are designed for cloth diapers and are suitable for all children and infants’ clothing and blankets. These almost completely dissolve in water and leave no residue.

Feeding Baby EssentialsĀ 

Prepare to feed your newborn around the clock, which means you’ll need to have enough baby items for mealtime, whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Here are some essential baby supplies to have on hand:

  • Lots of waterproof cloth bibs: Designed to keep food stains off your child’s clothes these apron-style cloth bibs by SuperBottoms have a breadcrumb catcher pocket that ensures ess-free self-feeding sessions.
  • Lotion for sore nipples: Get some organic nipple balm when breastfeeding your child to soothe and protect nipples.
  • Nursing pads: Dry-feel nursing pads have 5 layers of cotton padding and a Super DryFeel layer that absorbs any milk leaks during breastfeeding.

Bottom LineĀ 

While the list of essentials may appear daunting, the most important thing you can give your baby is love.

Don’t forget to show yourself some love as you prepare for your baby’s arrival. The nesting instinct is strong, but take some time to unwind before diving into the hard work of parenting.


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