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How do I cancel Ryanair flight?

Canceling a ticket by the passengers is a common occurrence for the airlines. Whenever a passenger is unable to take the scheduled flight owing to some personal reasons, the tickets are canceled. Suppose you have to cancel Ryanair flight tickets, then the knowledge of Ryanair cancellation policy and procedure becomes mandatory.

Ryanair flight cancellation policy:

  • To cancel a Ryanair ticket from the website, it is necessary that the ticket must have been booked from the official web portal of Ryanair.
  • If the ticket is canceled on the same day of the reservation, no cancellation charges will apply.
  • The tickets on Ryanair can be canceled till one hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If a Ryanair flight has been delayed for more than 5 hours, the tickets can be canceled for free.
  • To get free cancellation and a full refund, a passenger can furnish proof of death or bereavement in the close family.
  • Ryanair tickets must be canceled before the scheduled flight departure to get a refund on the canceled ticket.
  • Ryanair does not allow free cancellation of group tickets or complimentary tickets.
  • Ticket cancellation fees will be payable under specific conditions as per the Ryanair policy.
  • Ryanair ticket cancellations must be according to the terms and conditions to get appropriate refund of the ticket amount.

Various process to cancel Ryanair flight tickets:

Cancel via online: Ryanair tickets can be easily canceled through an online process which will give instant confirmation on the cancellation. To cancel the tickets via Ryanair manage my booking, try the steps in the consecutive manner:

  • Go to the official website of Ryanair or log in from the phone app with your username and password.
  • Click on “my bookings” tab on the homepage
  • Enter your reservation number and registered email address
  • Retrieve the Ryanair booking information on the screen
  • Select ticket cancellation from the list
  • Pay the cancellation charges, if done after the risk-free period
  • Follow the other instructions to complete the cancellation procedure.
  • An email will be sent by Ryanair to confirm the ticket cancellation.
  • You can also apply for a refund after the cancellation is confirmed.

Cancellation on call: To cancel the Ryanair tickets, you can call and request a customer service person to assist with the cancellation of tickets. You can also get detailed information on the Ryanair flight cancellation policy from the Ryanair representative. To cancel the tickets on phone, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Dial Ryanair phone number +44 1279358395
  • Listen to the IVR instruction carefully.
  • Request to cancel the tickets.
  • Share the booking details of Ryanair.
  • Pay the cancellation fee, if required.
  • The customer service person will cancel the ticket on your behalf and immediately give the confirmation.

At the airport desk: If you are already at the airport to board the scheduled Ryanair flight, but due to a medical emergency, you cannot travel, reach a Ryanair desk and cancel the tickets with the help of ground staff.



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