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Dog Mats – The Perfect Solution For Crates, Kennels and Travel

Whether you need padding for a crate or kennel or you are repeatedly washing your dog’s bed or if you travel extensively, a flat dog mat that is easy to care for may be the perfect solution. You can easily transfer a dog mat to wherever your venta de perros medellin baratos dog goes, and it can be thrown in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

A dog that likes to stretch out when he sleeps will find a dog mat to be perfect for him, but it is also a great place for him to curl up, so if your dog spends much time changing positions, a flat mat won’t hinder his comfort. Dog mats are also good to use for training as they can be used as the “spot” for your dog to follow the “stay” command and to “go lay down.”

Flat dog mats

Flat dog mats come in a variety of standard sizes and your choice of fabrics. Some dog mats are made from recycled material, in case you want to “go green.” There are high quality but economical dog mats made with reinforced fabric that makes for a soft but tough dog mat that will stand up to multiple washings. They come in a variety of beautiful colors but, because they withstand repeated washings, you won’t mind getting them dirty. If you are a little more fashion conscious or a little on the wild side but want the same ease of use, you can find dog mats that come in chic animal patterns, such as cow and giraffe.

If you want to go even greener, you can find dog mats that are made with eco-friendly fabric made from 85% recycled fibers from recycled plastic bottles, milled in the USA for optimum quality and durability. Just one extra-small mat diverts over 9 bottles from the landfill, and an extra-large diverts over 40 plastic bottles. It takes less energy to create fabric from recycled fibers than to produce the same fabric from virgin fibers.

Regardless of what kind of dog mat you choose, if you are using it for a crate or kennel, it’s best to buy a flat mat that is the same Perros Economicos size as the crate or kennel or a little larger. Some dog mats have a slight edge that easily folds up so that your dog has a resting place alongside the wall of the enclosure.

Your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the hard bare floor in your house or on the hard surface of a kennel or crate. His joints can be protected as he rests comfortably on a thickly padded flat dog mat.


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