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Diamond Engagement Rings With Perfect Diamond Shapes


Engagement rings and wedding rings are available in a variety of designs, stones, cuts and sizes. Of all the stones used in engagement rings, the round cut diamond engagement rings is the most expensive and the most suitable. But when it comes to diamond size, it really comes down to personal preference.

A diamond’s shape can hide flaws and bring out the best quality and value when cut by an expert. There are 10 basic diamond shapes. Diamond Vault Scottsdale offers one of the largest selections of diamond shapes available on the market, from the classic round shape to the more exotic and attractive heart shape.

Round Brilliant: Round brilliant diamonds are the most versatile of all diamond shapes, as they can be used in a wide variety of jewelry and styles. The sparkle and shine of a brilliant, round diamond creates extraordinary beauty. It is also the most gorgeous of all cuts.

Oval Shape: An oval diamond is a variation of a round diamond and usually looks larger than a round stone of similar carat weight. Another positive feature is that the oval outer shape as the center stone of a three stone diamond ring looks more presentable than the round shape.

Princess Cut: Princess cut diamonds have sharp corners and a traditionally square shape. These diamonds are made only from very high quality, very finely cut rough diamond crystals, which are also commonly associated with cleaner roughs. Diamond Vault has an amazing collection of princess cut engagement rings.

Marquise: A marquise stone is an elongated shape with pointed ends. This shape looks stunning on long fingers and feels “big” in proportion to its carat weight. If you want the look of a big rock, this is the one for you!

Emerald Cut: An emerald cut diamond rounds off the stone’s points and protects them. An emerald is cut, so color and imperfections are easier to detect than a clear cut diamond. An engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond looks gorgeous.

Pear Shape: The pear shape is a glacis cut, meaning it has exactly 58 facets. A pear-shaped diamond is the perfect choice of diamond shape for a pendant necklace or earrings.

Heart Shaped: A heart shaped diamond is best for an engagement ring as these diamonds are a symbol of love and romance. The quality of this shape will largely depend on the skill of the cutter. 

Radiant: A Radiant cut diamond combines the beauty of an emerald cut with the sparkle of a round brilliant. The radiating cut can be square or rectangular and has 70 sides that enhance the color refraction effect.

Escher Cut: This design is roughly a square version of an emerald cut. The Escher cut consists of a wing with rectangular edges, similar in style to an emerald cut. For those of you who are always ahead of the latest trends, an Escher diamond could be perfect.

Cushion Cut: A cushion cut diamond is sometimes called a “cushion cut” diamond. Modern cushion parts are built on vintage style elements, combining circular and square contours with a softer square or “cushion” shape. These diamonds have rounded corners and large facets to enhance their sparkle.

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