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Designing for Safety: Innovation in Electric Scooter UK | Segbo

Electric scooters are gradually becoming a popular mode of transport. However, safety is an issue for pedestrians and riders alike. The good news is that innovative technological advancements are currently being designed and used to address safety issues. In this article, we’ll examine some of the latest technical innovations in Electric Scooters UK that improve the safety of riders and others.

  • Stability and Control

One of the biggest security concerns for e-scooters and hoverboards is stability and control. Unexpected stops, sudden turns, and precarious balance may cause injuries and accidents. The designers are working on new technologies like gyroscopic stabilization or enhanced suspension systems to tackle these issues.

Gyroscopic stabilization technology uses motors and sensors to keep stability and balance while riding. This technology can stop sudden stops and increase the control and safety of electric boards for riders. The improved suspension systems also assist in making electric vehicles more stable and comfortable, especially when riding on uneven or rough surfaces.

  • Visibility and Lighting

Another issue with safety concerns for electric scooters is their visibility. Lack of lighting and reflectors could cause pedestrians and drivers to see riders, especially in dim light conditions. The designers are adding improved glasses and lighting into electric scooters to alleviate this problem.

Today’s electric scooters have high-quality LED taillights, headlights, and reflective material on the scooter’s frame and wheels. These features help riders be more visible to drivers in the roadway and reduce the chance of getting into accidents.

  • Braking Systems

Braking systems are a crucial safety factor in electric vehicles. A poor brake system could cause riders difficulty stopping fast and safely, increasing the likelihood of injuries. Researchers are creating innovative braking systems like the regenerative brake to ensure safety.

Regenerative braking makes use of an electric motor to slow down the scooter and also recharge the battery while at the same time. This technology doesn’t just increase the effectiveness of braking but also assists in prolonging the life of batteries, making them more efficient and eco-friendly.

  • Smart Safety Features

Additionally, designers are adding intelligent safety features to electronic scooters to enhance the safety of riders. The features include GPS tracking, theft prevention, and automatic speed control.

GPS tracking can help riders track their scooters if they are stolen or lost, and technology for preventing theft can disable the scooter in case it’s taken without authorization. Automated speed regulation can avoid accidents by limiting the scooter’s speed in specific locations or certain conditions, like on busy sidewalks or during rainy conditions.

  • Infrastructure

The want for extra centers for electric-powered scooters is a sizable difficulty. To be safe, shared electric scooter offerings need places to charge, charging points, and particular roads. The lack of infrastructure has led to an uncontrolled spread of electric scooters, which can reason discomfort or even protection dangers.

  • Liability

The difficulty of liability is an extraordinary situation regarding shared electric-powered scooters. In the occasion of a twist of fate, it can be tough to perceive who is responsible, whether or not it is the user, service provider, or scooter producer.

What safety Gear Do You Need to Wear when using an electric scooter?

These are some equipment suggestions for riding on an electric scooter:

  1. Helmets: Helmets are vital to protect your head during an accident. Make sure that the helmet you choose is well-fitting and conforms to the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard.
  2. Gloves can shield your hands from scrapes and cuts during a crash. Select gloves that offer excellent grip and allow ventilation to ensure your hands are comfortable.
  3. Knee and elbow pads The elbow and knee pads can shield your joints from injury on the occasion of a falling. Pick places that are comfy and adjustable. They also provide adequate protection.
  4. Reflective Clothing Use reflective Clothing or accessories to enhance your visibility to pedestrians and drivers, especially if you’ll be cycling at night or in low-light conditions.
  5. Closed-toe shoes: Use closed-toes with good traction to have the right footing and stability when riding.
  6. Eye Protection Eye Protection: Wear eye protection such as sunglasses or glasses to shield your eyes from debris, dust, and other bugs while you ride.


Segbo has been enhancing stability and control regarding visibility and lighting brake systems and adding intelligent safety features to create safer electric Scooters and Hoverboards for cyclists and pedestrians.


  1. Do I require a license to use the electric bike?

The rules regarding licenses required for electric scooters differ depending on the location, in certain areas where a driver’s license is required, whereas in others, those older than a certain age may use an electric scooter without a permit.

  1. Are electric scooters legal?

Electric scooters are legal in many countries, but their use depends on the locale. In certain areas, they are considered lawful means of transportation; in others, they could be restricted or even banned entirely.

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