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10 Surprising Laminate Sheet Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Project

You have every right to be finicky about designer stuff around you. The idea is to invest in something that looks good and offers you a nice and beautiful space to enjoy your life in. You might be super happy to invest in a chic look for your house and get your floors covered with stone or hardwood in a wide range of colors and textures.

However, that sounds expensive, right? What if you could get laminate sheets that can substitute the look and feel of hardwood or stone flooring at a much lower cost? Options are literally limitless. We offer you 10 laminate design ideas that can literally make a facelift for your Home Décor.

  1. Antique Pearl: Glossy, embossed laminate sheets look great in an off-white tone. This type of variant offers a rich, elegant look for your room. The Antique pearl sheet looks great with luxurious room décor and any contemporary décor look.
  2. Barn Oak: This particular variety of laminate sheets is named after a type of wood available in barns. Such designer laminates specifically replicate the rich brown colour, real wood-like texture, and cracks, and knots of old wood planks. They are usually available in wide sheets that mimic a typical old-world charm common in old, farmhouses with a rustic design.
  3. Odessa Grey: This particular hand-scraped variant is available in a wide range of colours and textures. Each of the stylings comes in a unique look of its own. Flooring experts enjoy using contrasting shades for Odessa Grey sheets to enhance the look. Moreover, different floor stylings created by Odessa Grey are tailored to look great in a modern and contemporary set-up.
  4. Classic Oak: From time immemorial, people are using oak panels for creating floors. So, the Classic Oak floor look can never go wrong, no matter what type of wall paints, or curtains you are choosing. Still, we would suggest you select an overall classy décor comprising of the old-world charm in all your furniture, rugs mattress etc.
  5. Brandsawn Laminate: If you are looking for an authentic, old-school hardwood look, Brandsawn should be your first choice. If you are planning to have microgreen plants around. This particular variant will give you the ideal laid-back feel. Our suggestion is, do not miss out on this look for your kitchen. Brandsawn is the ideal kitchen laminate design that suits a house of any style.
  6. Refined Brass: In this particular styling, you will find wood knots, graining, and cut marks, viz. all the design elements common in wooden floor planks. That is why they too offer you the original hardwood look in designer laminate sheets.
  7. Roasted Hickory: The specialty of this particular laminate is its warm, welcoming feel that makes this ideal for a hall area. It is elegant texturing makes it ideal for décor, and furniture in a warm tone. Simply put, you create a cozy atmosphere to invite friends in.
  8. American Cherry: The honey-like tone of this particular floor laminate is made to perfection so that it can brighten up the atmosphere. This type of floor laminate flaunts a cleaner, smoother appearance without any cracks or knot on the surface.
  9. Ash Blonde: With this design, you again go back to your old school, wide plank theory with a sophisticated undertone. For a refined look, you can use metallic touch and whites in different shades for all furniture in the room.
  10. Cement Gray: Laminates of this tone and style are specifically designed for people who want to stay away from the loud demeanor of the world and want to concentrate on their own work in solitude. You can choose bedroom decolam cupboard designs to match your cement gray floor laminates of the bedroom. The best part is, gray is a colour that allows you to install drapes, furniture of any colour, metallic sheen.

Conclusion: We tried to furnish a list of beautiful decorative laminate sheets designs that can elevate the aesthetics of your space. However, there might be a list of other designs in different colours and textures that you have installed at your space. Some people love using flower design laminate sheets at kindergartens and other spaces. Just talk to our experts at Royal Touch laminate Design for thorough knowledge before making a choice.


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