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Why install OSCam & How to download and install?

Best OSCam server is better able to deal with the coding applied by providers such as Canal Digital, TV and the rest of the M7 Group. oscam server can handle most types of encryption.

Step 1: Image:

Are you currently using CCcam? First, check whether you have an image on an encrypted channel. For example on NPO 1 via the CanalDigitaal or TV Vlaanderen map. It is important that the card works.

Step 2: IP number:

Note the IP number of your receiver, which you can find via Menu, Settings, System, Network, Adapter settings. For example

Step 3: Download and install OSCam softcam:

Go to Menu, Applications, then click the green button to retrieve the download list, wait for the entire list to appear and go to Softcam, search for the buy oscam server and download it (‘OK’ clicks, installation starts).

OpenPLi modified the OSCam configuration files in August 2015 so that premium CCcam is immediately ready to use the Canal Digital / TV Vlaanderen cards. After installing OSCam you press EXIT a number of times until you have a normal view again. This is still done via Europe CCcam, switching via step 4.

If you use an image where you had to manually install OSCam, download the OSCam files from the menu at the top, this is a working configuration. Unpack the rar and place all files under “etc / tuxbox / config / oscam”.

Step 4: Select OSCam as softcam:

Go to Softcam settings via Menu, Settings, Softcam / CI. In the top line, select <osc> (“Select Softcam”) for “oscam”:

Then “Restart Softcam”, the image of a coded channel must come up. Exit click until the normal screen appears again.

Step 5: Make OSCam suitable for (internal) share:

OpenPLi users. Open your web browser. Enter the IP number of your receiver in the address bar, followed by the port number: 8081. Example and click on “Enter”

Users of other images may have to enter a different port number than 8081. Which port number then? 80 or 81. The port number can be found on your box in the ‘oscam.conf’ file under ‘etc / tuxbox / config / oscam / or use / keys / oscam. You can access the box with an FTP program such as DCC E2.

It contains all the oscam 2023 configuration files. In the “oscam.conf” you see (right mouse, View) the port number at one of the lines.



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