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Tokyo Declares War to Kajiwara, World No.1 Yu Soo-young

Yoo Soo-young 21, Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, a representative of Korean badminton for the disabled, fired a check ball at world No. 1 Daiki Kajiwara, saying, We will beat the semifinals and play the final between Korean players. 스포츠토토핫

Yoo Soo-young beat China’s Zhao Xin 2-0 21-16 21-14 in the preliminary round of Group D of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Badminton Men’s Single at Hangzhou Binjiang Gymnasium on the 21st. Following his first game with the United Arab Emirates player the previous day, he won consecutive games, accelerating his golden run.

Yoo Soo-young, who gained momentum with exquisite drop shots and high clear, stabbed every corner of the court to widen the score gap to 10-4. He allowed the chase after consecutive mistakes, but later won one game by blocking the opponent’s attack with a quick move. In the two-game 6-6 tie that began in a tight start, he brought the flow to the wave offensive and took the lead.

After the match, Yoo Soo-young said, There is no burden on the Chinese player unless the judgment is biased. “I played the game thinking that the opponent’s cheering sound was fun, he said. It’s my first participation, but I’m enjoying it like a regular competition. I hope to finish the preliminary round quickly and enter the finals, he said.

He also expected a rematch with Ghaziwara. Yoo Soo-young, who lost to Ghaziwara in the final of the Thai Para Badminton International in August last year, seeks revenge through this tournament. Ghaziwara also scored his first win of the 2-0 21-621-2 tournament against Pradit Apichat Thailand. He led the atmosphere with ease throughout the game, showing off the prowess of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Gold Medalist.

Yoo Soo-young said, I will meet Kim Jung-joon 46, Daegu Urban Development Corporation or Kaziwara in the semifinals, and if I play Kawajira, I will do my best to make the finals between Korean players, adding, I will come back to the title of a badminton powerhouse lost to Japan through this tournament and next year’s Paralympics.


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