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Six Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home

Deciding to sell a home is a time of stress and frenzy. Whether you are ready for the sale or pressured into a decision to sell, it is a challenging task.

Half the battle of selling a home is preparing for problems before they arise. The sale of a home is one of the major milestones in life. Selling real estate in Dromana can be complicated when you count all the needed steps: listing, finding buyers, making repairs, navigating the closing process and moving into a new home.

The results of a mistake in the sale process can impact your finances and peace of mind. Following are some of the typical mistakes to be avoided while selling a home:

Don’t display personal items

First, an open house aims to make a buyer fall in love with the home and showcase a lifestyle they can enjoy after the purchase. Most buyers view the property with rose-tinted glasses. Avoid showcasing too much of your daily life and personal items when preparing the house for an inspection.

Some examples of things to be avoided are:

  • Your washing drying on the lines or the radiator
  • Toys lying around causing clutter and tripping over
  • Paperwork lying around
  • Unmade beds
  • Untidy clutter of objects
  • Drawers and cupboards that are left ajar
  • Photos of family members on every wall
  • All the souvenirs you have collected over the years.

Fix Problems Beforehand

If something very obviously needs an upgrade or repair, the home is left to reduced offers or no offers from prospective buyers.

So, it is good to peruse the home thoroughly and maintain a list of all work that needs completion. Either fix such issues or assign them to a professional handyman. Such a list will be easier to quote for and can serve as a checklist for the work to be done.

Avoid being negative

Never be negative about the home when the home is being showcased. Avoid being apologetic for anything and permit buyers to make their own opinion.

Above everything, do not express a negative reason for selling the home. Most buyers will ask- ‘Why are you selling your house?’ The answer to this can be vital. This does not imply that you should lie, but focus on the positive factors for selling.

Potential buyers will be left with a bad impression if you say you want more space, it is a noisy neighbourhood, or it is far from good schools. Attempt to say something more positive and truer like, ‘I need to be nearer to my office but will miss this property terribly’ or ‘I am moving closer to family but am sorry about moving.’

If space is the main issue, avoid letting buyers sense this by removing all the clutter in the home that displays a lack of space. For this, you can even opt for offsite storage, which will help give a good impression of the property.

Poor staging of the home

The home needs to be showcased to the buyer in the best light, so everything looks good. Buyers will be better able to imagine themselves living a good life on the property. Houses for sale in Rosebud should be staged in such a way that buyers are enticed to invest. Even the first impression of photographs of the property must be carefully prepared. But photos, while being amazing, should look almost the same as the real home during an actual inspection.

Avoid excessive personalisation

Most homes are full of family photos and other personal paraphernalia. They are private spaces far away from the world. But showcasing more personal choices can distract potential buyers from inspecting the premises, making them feel like they are invading homeowners’ privacy.

Instead, try to make buyers feel welcome and desire to stay there by imagining themselves living in this property. Only keep a few personal items on show and pack the rest ready for moving.

Steer clear of garish colours

Décor is a matter of personal choice. But while you love the bright red walls of your kitchen, it may drive away potential buyers because of this one thing.

The current market has buyers who do not wish to spend a single cent refurbishing a new home. As such, bright décor can come across as just another thing they’ll need to fix once they buy the property.

Enable the buyer to imagine themselves living in the property by painting the rooms with neutral colours like cream and beige. This will help match the looks of the rooms with the furniture of the new homeowners or their tenants. Spending on a coat of paint can boost the value of the property by a significant degree.

These are valuable tips for avoiding mistakes while selling a home. Ultimately, homeowners want a smooth selling process. Knowing what can go wrong can be overwhelming, but this knowledge is power. Knowing all the pitfalls of the process equips you to be more confident when things don’t go as intended.


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