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Secrets of Feminine Charm. Help in the Struggle for Beauty and Youth

Your gestures, habits, unique appearance distinguish you from the general crowd. Poets call it Feminine Charm. Charm – a warm light coming from within that makes attractive even an ugly appearance. The charm brought to perfection causes delight and admiration.

Secrets of Feminine Charm

First of all, smile. After all, the ability to smile is a special gift, a smile symbolizes well-being and happiness. If you are in a bad mood, do not want to see anyone, try to smile anyway when meeting employees and friends. Smile and be at peace! And as the French say – let them envy better than regret.

And you can get a calm expression and a slightly noticeable smile with a special make-up. Eyebrows slightly extend to the temples and pull out the lower hairs. The outer corners of the eyes are raised to the eyebrows. And the so-called fold of sadness, sometimes appearing at the bottom of the cheeks, can be smoothed with a bot-mask, putting it on for 20 minutes. The corners of the lips are evenly raised and all – the smile on your face is ready. For a make-up artist, this is just a small charming grimace, and for the interlocutor it is a reflection of your soul. Remember this and smile nicely.

However, true feminine charm is not only a smile, but also a way of communicating with others. Do not try to immediately attract attention in an unfamiliar company, do not enter into conversation first. Here we need – restraint, a calm smile and the ability to listen. Then the interlocutors will turn their attention to you.

A woman needs not just to be born, it needs to be cultivated in herself. In our time, when the boundaries between men’s and women’s work are blurred, when a woman is sometimes the leader of a male team, it becomes more difficult to do this. But every woman has a beautiful actress, so what can not be changed – you can play. To do this, just choose an idol for yourself from famous women who were truly charming and apply their image to themselves. This does not mean that you have to imitate – it means that you have to learn, and the result will not keep you waiting.

And remember that Feminine Charm can do much more than a model-beautiful appearance.

Only 3 Factors In The Struggle For Beauty And Youth

All women are trying hard to keep their youth and beauty. To do this, they are refined in various ways: make home masks, use creams, visit beauty salons, resort to plastic surgery and so on. But often they forget about important factors, which we will discuss below.

One of these factors is proper nutrition

Look into your fridges and analyze what you eat. The component of your nutrition is directly related to the beauty and youth of your skin. And she, like many other organs of your body, needs to get the right amount of quality proteins. Without them, the efficiency of cell regeneration decreases, the skin becomes flabby and quickly ages. Also, the protein is actively fighting against free radicals, which also harm the freshness and youth of our body. To food rich in proteins, you can include soy, fish, meat, seafood, grain-beans.

Also, many nutritionists are advised to have juicers in the kitchen or eat whole fruits and vegetables whole fresh. These are useful proteins. They contribute to the removal of toxins, the saturation of minerals and vitamins and the normalization of digestion. Pay great attention to carrots, grapefruit and broccoli. Avoid sugar and saturated carbohydrates.

The next important factor is the hydration.

A well-balanced protein diet is good. But a very significant role in healthy nutrition is borne by the quantity and quality of the liquid being drunk. According to observations of cosmetologists and doctors, a healthy woman should consume about two liters of quality water a day. It helps to remove toxins and metabolism. But it is necessary to be moistened not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Pay special attention to creams that contain polysaccharides. They fill the cells with moisture and give it strength.

The third factor is vitamin C.

You should reconsider your diet and evaluate if you get enough of this important nutrient? This is another effective guardian of our health in the fight against oxidants, which lead to the aging of the entire body and in particular of the skin.

But of course this is not its only function. Ascorbic acid helps saturate cells with the right energy, plus it positively affects the function of the immune and nervous system. The first place for the content of vitamin C is – kiwi, then comes the sweet pepper, then the black currant, and only in fourth place is the orange. Such an effect on the human body has tioctic acid, retinol and tocopherol, but ascorbic is a complex helper of our body.

At present, women are given much more opportunities and reasons to look more perfect than ever before. In their hands they concentrated as much power as men. Fashion magazines burn headlines about miraculous rejuvenating creams, stores are filled with an arsenal of new cosmetics, and fitness rooms and plastic rooms are teeming with people who have lost faith and self-confidence.

Who and for what reason began to dictate the breast size, waist, skin fat, length of legs, neck elongation and volume of lips? Why are sunburnt blonde blondes “more beautiful” than a naturally light-skinned white Slav woman. Nobody canceled the lush Marilyn Monroe, the blush of restraint still beckons, and the smooth pink lips are much more attractive than the powdered “duck beak”.

A woman is beautiful when she is happy and loved. Nothing can replace the shine in the eyes, a sincere smile (even from embarrassment), grace and femininity. Sometimes, the skill of gently wigging the hip, is much harder to perform than a professional make-up from Naomi Campbell. A woman is nothing but a reflection of the love of those who surround her. There is no cold and indifference, no callousness, rudeness and masculinity. And in general it’s a sin if a woman looks less beautiful than she could be. So tell yourself – I want to look 100 percent and act.

It is not necessary to make erroneous conclusions about the fact that one does not need to watch for herself at all, that nature is already so clever – she rewarded everyone with what is necessary for life. She tied a handkerchief over an absurd nudity and rushed to meet the changes. Care of hair, skin, body, massages, aromatherapy, proper nutrition, moderate amount of cosmetics, stylish, and most importantly, suitable things, manicures and smooth legs – and you are the ideal hostess of your life.

In addition, scientists are trying to overtake each other in the invention of special capsules and medications from various defects. Now there are masks for hair, body, face, nails according to folk recipes: vegetable for different skin types, whitening from freckles, masks for hair growth, from split ends, for shine, with the effect of hot scissors. Who would have thought that a mixture of potatoes, cabbage and sour cream would provide a tremendous effect in healing nails ?! The body will be delighted with honey and chocolate. A great solution is to pamper it more often. Nature, apparently, perfectly knew the whims of women, so everything that has been created can be properly and rationally used.

Do not be afraid of exotic, luxury and brilliance. Strive to become mysterious, exciting, attractive, exciting imagination, unusual. Beauty is what’s inside of us. Wake up the cat, not the badger. Take care and love yourself!

How our emotions affect the condition of the skin

With a smile near the corners of our eyes, there are lovely “rays” that turn into ordinary mimic wrinkles with age. To prevent them, it is not enough to only use various creams, serums, gels and masks against wrinkles. You need to thoroughly monitor your facial expressions.

In modern times, women have a lot of opportunities to keep their beauty and youth for a long time. Cosmetologists help us look great at any age, whether it involves different creams and masks, or so popular now surgery. And first of all the problem is not even in the financial side of all these procedures, but in the readiness of women to monitor and take care of themselves.

Specialists dealing with aging skin cells made one curious discovery. It turns out that in our body there are points of contact (mediators) of the brain and skin cells, that is, the nervous system directly affects the skin and vice versa. In other words, putting the person in order, we have a positive effect on the nervous system. And vice versa: caring for the nervous system, we rid our skin of various problems. And what is most interesting, acne and pimples on the face are … volcanoes of anger and anger that come out!

Therefore, to make the problem skin beautiful and healthy, you must pay attention to your state of mind, to reconsider your worldview. So, keep your skin young.


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