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Loft decoration: 5 tips spotted by experts

Do you want to bring a style that is both industrial and modern to your interior? Opt for the loft decor. Inspired by the old factories and workshops of New York artists, this style has it all. Discover the 5 tips from our decorators to adopt the loft decor in your home.

The codes of loft decor

Do you want to give your interior a new and trendy look? Opt for the loft decor. This style finds its origin and inspiration in the factories and workshops of New York artists.

Airy and bright interior, raw materials, mix of modern and old… very close to the industrial style, but with more modernity and design, the codes of this style will make you crack. Discover the 5 tips from our decorators to adopt a loft decor in your interior.

Tip 1: Bring a sense of grandeur

Play with colors

In a loft decor, the need for size and space is paramount. Lighten your interior with its partitions and opt for an airy and open room.

Also play with colors and contrasts. Black, grey, brown… the loft decor style being very close to industrial, the colors used are therefore naturally more neutral and dark. To add a contrast effect, opt for white paint on some of your walls as well as on the ceiling. A very clever technique to visually enlarge a space, the white color being very bright.

In addition, this contrast will undoubtedly make the room more refined.

The transparency of the canopy

A loft decor is not a loft decor without its timeless canopy.

To visually enlarge your space, the canopy will be a very clever option. By separating functions and rooms without completely closing them off, the canopy will multiply the light and diffuse it throughout your interior. As we know, a bright room is a room that looks bigger.

Think of the glass roof to separate your kitchen from your living room, for example. A good way to limit the diffusion of odors and to cook as a family.

For a successful loft decor, prefer the classic and authentic metal canopy. And for a canopy even more suited to your interior, you can easily make it to measure.

Prefer a black canopy for a loft decor style.

Tip 2: Choose the right materials

Brick on the walls

Typical of New York lofts, opt for the brick wall. From beige to red, the brick wall will bring relief to the decor and accentuate the essential industrial side in the loft decor.

Prefer bricks on a single wall or a section of wall so as not to give a feeling of clutter, and favor this decoration in the living room. A brick wall behind a stove or sideboard will look great.

If you do not want to install real bricks on your wall,¬†trompe l’oeil wallpaper¬†will also do the job very well.

Wood and metal

In the essential materials of a loft decoration we find raw wood and metal.

To bring industrial touches to your interior, add all- metal furniture such as bookcases or factory furniture. Be careful not to overdo it at the risk of darkening the room too much.

For the rest of your furniture and decorations, opt for a mix of wood and metal. Bet for example on wooden tables with metal legs. The wood will soften the atmosphere, and the mix will be totally trendy for a loft decor.

Polished concrete

To give your interior a facelift and modernize your decor, opt for waxed concrete.

This material will standardize your floor and provide a more refined atmosphere. Combined with a section of brick wall and wooden and metal furniture, you will obtain a very trendy contrast of textures.

In the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom… waxed concrete will fit everywhere. And this, even to the wall since indeed, you can use waxed concrete effect paint to dress your walls.

Tip 3: Choose the right furniture

A leather sofa

If there is a key and timeless piece not to be forgotten for a guaranteed loft decor, it is the leather sofa.

Traditionally brown or camel, it is the¬†central piece¬†of the industrial living room.¬†Togo, club…all models are allowed.

And for a more modern loft decor, play on the design. Original but ultra trendy, opt for larger sofas, in leather, in black or cream. A way to keep an industrial side but with more softness.

A mottled factory buffet

The loft decor reminds us of old factories or American garages filled with furniture with a history and cachet. And what could be better than factory furniture that has been refurbished or picked up at a flea market to match this style as well as possible.

Opt for the large sideboard in black or anthracite gray metal made up of a multitude of storage drawers. Keep it authentic or bring it up to date by adding a raw wooden top, for example.

And if recovery isn’t your thing, don’t worry.¬†At the top of the trends, you will easily find it in commerce.

Install this sideboard in your living room and arrange it as you wish. A pretty mirror placed on it, glass jars or under a clock, it will become a central piece of your loft decor living room, and will make all the difference.

A large mat for comfort

Although the loft decor is a very marked style, with a lot of character, nothing prevents you from adding touches of softness.

A large gray rug, for example in a contemporary style, will be welcome to warmly dress your floor and balance it with the colder atmosphere of raw materials such as concrete.

The mixture of textures will bring relief and dynamism to your room while remaining in the theme.

Tip 4: A mix and match of styles for a modern loft decor

The industrial mirror in the loft decor

In the loft deco style, with the mirrors, there is no dead hand. Opt for industrial style mirrors, which you can add to all your rooms.

The most popular will be the canopy style mirror, slightly rounded on top. Placed on the floor, on a console or fixed to the wall, this mirror will bring a unique touch to your interior. However, being quite imposing, be careful not to have too much decoration or furniture next to it, at the risk of cluttering your room too much.

Do not hesitate to multiply your mirrors. They will visually enlarge your room and successfully dress your wall. You can also choose several rectangular canopy style mirrors that you will fix to the wall at 1m intervals for example.

A touch of urban design

The loft decor harmonizes particularly well with urban design. This is an opportunity to add touches of color a little more pep’s in your very industrial interior.

The loft decor, with its very strong link with industry, is often perceived as cold and tasteless. And yet, the touches of red, yellow or green are welcome, provided of course not to abuse it too much.

Opt for example for tables. Here too, a wide choice is offered to you: Poster, map, abstract paintings.. dare what you like.

Tip 5: Multiply the light sources

The XXL suspension

Above the dining table, to sublimate the living room or hallway, the long XXL size pendant lamp is essential. Beyond pleasantly illuminating your room, the latter is a real decorative object.

For a loft feel that is both industrial and modern, opt for the bowl pendant lamp. This model, which previously lit factories, does not intend to let go of its place in the TOP of trends.

For the model, choose an anthracite gray or black bowl and play with the interior color. An aged gold or on the contrary a sparkling silver will be perfect options.

Add accent lights

Do not hesitate to multiply the points of light, so that your loft decoration remains bright even after dark.

Add statement garlands, made up of light bulbs hanging from authentic cords.

Pair these garlands with floor lamps. The thickness and the height of the foot of this type of floor lamp make it possible to sneak into corners to adorn the sofa or the reading corner.

Adopt here the steel floor lamp, in the form of a dome hiding a large bulb. Typical of the industrial style, it will fit perfectly with the loft decor and will occupy the space without overloading it.


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