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Liability insurance – A Way To Secure Present And Future

From manufacturing companies, clinical trials, to construction projects, Chubb offers a wide range of products and coverage oriented to the specific needs, in terms of Civil Liability, of each company. 

How does Civil Liability insurance work?

The Civil Liability insurance has as its main function to cover the damages and losses that the insured causes in the goods (material damage) or the health (personal damages) of a third party.

A Civil Liability Insurance legally covers all those damages caused to a third party in the development of the activities of the insured company. In addition, it provides protection and support to legally face and cover the expenses generated by the claim of the affected third party.

What are the coverages included in a General Civil Liability Insurance?

Civil liability for activities and real estate

Civil liability on products

Civil liability on export products

Independent Contractor Liability

Civil liability for sudden and accidental contamination

Cross civil liability

Tenant civil liability

Assumed civil liability

liability insurance for business.

Civil liability for loading and unloading

Endorsement of product withdrawal expenses (recall)

Why take out General Civil Liability insurance?

This insurance broadly covers Civil Liability incurred by a company for personal or material damage caused to third parties in the development of the insured activity.

The General Civil Liability Insurance provides support to legally face and cover the expenses generated by the claim of a third party, who was materially or personally affected by the insured company. 

What are the benefits of taking out General Civil Liability Insurance?

Having a General Civil Liability Insurance gives you legal support to face a claim. This insurance offers solutions tailored to each client, including the contracting of multinational programs for those companies that have subsidiaries outside of Mexico.

In addition, Chubb’s General Civil Liability Insurance offers tailored conditions, limits and terms for each company profile and type of activity, since Chubb’s product offering in the General Civil Liability line includes both primary layer policies and policies excess layers that allow the limits and/or sub-limits of any existing policy to be increased

How can a General Civil Liability Insurance help you?

Hypothetical risk: A company dedicated to the production of food, which it sells in Mexico and abroad, detects a contaminated batch of its products that mistakenly left its plant. The defective product caused damage to customers inside and outside the country. In this case, the Civil Liability Insurance accompanies the company legally and financially to compensate the people affected. 

Who takes out General Civil Liability Insurance?


Food industry, beverages, plastics, chemicals, metalworking


Pharmaceutical Industry (manufacturing, distribution, Clinical Trials)

RC Events






Information & Media (telecommunications)


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