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How to Increase Productivity as a Leader?

“You cannot be a leader, and ask other people to follow you, unless you know how to follow, too,” said Sam Rayburn.

Boosting your team or employee’s productivity is very important in regards to successfully completing jobs. When employees are productive the organization will be able to achieve its goals. Productivity will also help motivate the workplace, boost well-being, and create an improved work culture or environment.

In order to help increase productivity in your team, you need to become a powerful leader. As a leader, you need to give your team members an area to develop, make errors, and learn. You have to encourage them to work in cooperation, towards a common goal. Making these small changes will most surely increase the levels of efficiency in your team and business generally. Cameron Chell Calgary is the CEO of Draganfly company and he is also a successful author and speaker who help the new leader to get success in their business and in improving their leadership skills. Cameron Chell Calgary is currently focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to create a new form of capitalization for companies.

Here are some ways leaders can improve team efficiency:

Lead by example:

One of the primary ways to increase productivity in your team is to lead by example. This can lead to a higher level of productivity. If you want your associates to perform a certain task such as – displaying up to operate earlier; you need to be sure that you appear to work earlier. When led by example, your employees will most definitely follow because you set the standard for the efficiency you want from them. As a leader, you need to inspire others to develop efficiencies.


As a leader, you are not able to shoulder all the responsibilities. The delegation will help you enable your team, build trust, and help them develop skillfully. The delegation will profit your business and give your team a sense of direction. Delegation provides a sense of ownership and success; this is important for your employee’s morale and then for increasing their productivity. This will allow employees to explore new ways of working, gain rewards, and allow them to hone leadership skills.


The most important way to increase productivity in your team is to establish communication. Your team associates should be able to speak to you about the conditions that they are facing. To accomplish this, you need to be available to your team and make sure that they feel comfortable talking with you as well as other affiliates. Training open and clear communication with your team members and encourage them to share their feelings and ideas. Excellent communication means proceeding the extra distance and is also essential to achieving productivity and maintaining strong interactions.

Work environment:

A fantastic work environment is crucial in bettering team productivity. Various other than the physical setting, incorporation of comfortable furniture styles, plants, lighting, and so forth. making the surroundings within the office also impacts the team productivity. Damaging aspects for example taking over the boss and office politics brings down productivity. Therefore, you need to create a striking work environment that lets your team thrive.


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