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How to Design Effective Custom Badges

Badges are the best subtle tools for marketing that can engage more clients and they have the power to affix your brand’s logo in your customer’s mind.

Custom badges are a top-class priority for the branding of any business to add more attractiveness. Are you designing creative badges? Well, designing badges is not tricky but the manufacturing process of custom badges can be more challenging.

Whether you are a business tycoon or planning a startup, the presence of creative badges takes your company’s logo to its highest peak of success. Making designs for badges is an effective and fun-loving process but you have to use the right tools and the right material can provide you with more ideas to think out of the box.

Here are some interesting ways of creating designs for badges that help to make your custom-made badges!

How to Showcase Your Creativity in Designing Custom-Made Badges

 Create a Template for The Design

Creating a template is the best way to give your design a roadmap that you have to follow from starting till the end. These templates can help to maintain consistency for badge design. But you need to be sure about the purpose why you are creating these designs, is it? When you have suitable templates to start your designing process it will be easy for you to make a perfect design.

What’s more, design templates are a helping hand tool to know which type of logo is going to fit their brand, which can give a professional touch. Templates play a crucial role in the designing process, the right template can make your day while the wrong template can break your day by ruining your design.

For instance, if you are creating designs for custom badges you have to choose the right template otherwise it will be a reason of destroying your masterpiece for badges.

Select the Type of Badge

There are various types of badges. You can make creative designs for custom embroidered, iron-on, woven, leather, and more. Every type has its worth and significance and all

You need to tone down usage, cost, and maintenance for each badge, which is convenient for you to choose the right type of badge for designing.

Set the Proper Shape & Size

Accurate shape and size matter a lot for the designing of badges. All it depends on the purpose of badges and where they will be used. For example, if you design custom badges for the motorcycle rally, they will be different in shape and size than scout badges. Usually, custom badges for the motorcycle rally are bigger in size due to the gang symbol or a tagline which can differ in many shapes, while scout badges are small ones that are a recognizable element for scouting to signify their memberships and achievements.

The main thing you have to consider is the placement of the badges over the garments along with the information you need to be designed, it will help you to seize the accurate shape and size for your custom badges.

Think About the Right Material

Once you have found out the size and shape of your custom badges, it is time to move on to the next step. As you know, badges contain different materials of fabric like cotton, wool, polyester, and more. Doubtlessly, the most commonly used material is cotton it is quite easy to handle, soft, and lightweight than other ones.

Contemplate the resilience of the material for which you are designing your badges. Also, you need to consider the cost of the material that how it impacts your budget

Consider the Information

Before printing your design, you need to take a look at the information on your design. Maybe it is a gang name, a title or position, or any specific slogan for a particular purpose.

You need to examine the availability of space and the clarity of the font which you have used. You have to add necessary information because excessive information can make your design cluttered and problematic for understanding.

Fonts for Big & Small Badges

Fonts differ according to the sizes of badges. Big badges are more spacious than smaller badges, they can contain more graphics, letters, and numbers. It is the creativity of your mind how to handle small badges by putting the necessary information.

For instance, if you are designing school badges you have to know that you fulfill all the requirements organisedly, which are related to letters, numbers, and graphics. Whether you are designing preschool or high school, try to make them attractive so that they provide them lasting rewards for students and they feel proud to wear them.

Printing of Badges

When you have done all your work, it is time of printing your design for the custom badges. You need to be very careful while printing for the clarity of the font and visibility of the symbol.

Keep your focus on the printing method which you have chosen for printing. Verify thoroughly to confirm the printing accuracy of graphics and elements and information

Examining & Improving

After completing the designing process, you need to overlook your badge designs to ensure all the graphics’ detailing is accurate. Evaluation of designs is necessary to check their effectiveness and do further improvements. Take feedback from those whom you are creating badge designs to make them user-friendly.

With evaluation, you can easily recognize and adjust the loopholes of designing that you keep your mind in the future. Constant basis of examination helps you to figure out the effectiveness and popularity of your designs by those who use them for badge making for several purposes.

Wrapping Up

Designing is not difficult but technical, you have to follow every step smartly from start to end.  You have endless possibilities for creating attractive designs of badges to give them customized touch. So, you can create thousands of designs per your preferences.  Maybe you will discover your hidden talent for designing that would be enough to amaze the world with your creativity.

Hope this article provided you with new information which help you take your design skills to the next level!

Explore more creative designs to enjoy the journey of custom badges.


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