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How Orfeus Network Is Using NFTs to Develop a Crypto Tourism Network for Digital Nomads

Orfeus Network is a decentralized global tourist network consisting of platforms providing affordable & secure travel services to tourists all over the world.

The business model of the ORFEUS NETWORK is based on the principle of “no charge of commissions” for reservations of accommodation and other tourist services through the platforms of the ORFEUS network.

Orfeus Network was created to help solve the many problems of the tourism industry, including but not limited to the high cost of travel bookings, high exchange rates for foreign travelers, no option to personalize or sell travel experiences (photos, etc.), high cost of canceling or modifying a trip, among others. To solve some of these problems, the network will implement NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

NFTs are crypto tokens that exist and work on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. Each NFT is unique and is generally used to represent a rare, one-of-a-kind item, which can be an image, a clip, a painting, or other rare things. NFTs store the ownership information of associated digital assets (collectibles) and can be used for seamless trading of these rare assets in the online space.

As you may have already figured out, in the Orfeus Network, NFTs will enable travelers to monetize their travel experiences and skills (such as photography skills), primarily by selling unique images through NFTs to buyers worldwide.

What are NFT Tokens in the Orfeus Network?

NFT tokens in the Orfeus Network will essentially represent unique NFT images of tourist destinations, attractions, landmarks, etc. There will be 1000+ attractions (NFTs) all over Europe, which will be tokenized. Their limited quantity will boost the demand and their value will also increase because of the security file/database of secured travel destinations.

The Orfeus Network will also create another type of NFT, which will be called NFT Travel Passes. These are blockchain-based unique travel packages available in the form of NFTs that can be traded and exchanged on the network. Basically, NFT travel passes will allow users to exchange their trips or destinations with each other.

How NFT Images and Travel Passes Work

Each tourist site in the Orfeus Network will have its unique graphic image, which will be represented by an NFT. These NFT images can be traded individually or as a part of the NFT travel pass. The buyer of an NFT image will receive exclusive bonuses and discount offers when traveling to a particular tourist destination.

NFT passes can be created by tour operators and digital nomads, for which they receive bonus tokens (ORF).

The NFT Pass is a combination of several services in a destination – for example, a visit to a museum, eating in a restaurant, and attending an event. Each NFT Pass is unique and can only have one owner. The owner of the NFT pass will receive NFT tokens to prove that he owns the “original” pass and can sell it to others.

The Orfeus Network NFTs will be used in the following two applications within the ecosystem:

  1. TripXView App: It’s a game app, where players are rewarded with NFT tokens and the winners (who collect a full set of tokens/ graphic images) will receive free visits to tourist sites or NFT passes that can also be sold to others.
  2. MeETMe Canal: It’s a computer-generated virtual reality environment or a Metavberse created exclusively for the Orfeus community, where participants will be able to virtually interact with travel sites and travelers before embarking on a trip.

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