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How to Fix the Flashlight on an iPhone

A mobile flashlight is an innovation of one of the best kinds by supplementing the overall functionality of a mobile device. If you have one on your phone, you perhaps don’t need to carry a torch with you. Furthermore, clicking photos in the dark becomes even more convenient. 


However, sometimes the flashlight on your phone may stop working and in the case of iPhones such complaints have become recurrent. In this article, I will show you how to fix an iPhone flashlight not working. So, stick to the end.


How to fix iPhone flashlight not working issue


By turning off the low power mode


Now, sometimes, when a flashlight on an iPhone doesn’t work it may not be because of some technical problem but rather systematic. Low power mode on an iPhone prevents it from making use of some features including turning on the flashlight.


Turn off the Camera app in the background 


Both the camera and the flashlight of the iOs device technically share the same lenses thereby preventing their simultaneous functionality. If the camera app is running in the background, make sure to close it.


Updating iOS


Updating your iOS device sometimes fixes the unexpected bugs that might be hampering certain features on your iPhone device. One such feature could be the turning on of your flashlight. So make sure that you update your iOS, given that there is one available.


Cooling down your iPhone


When an electronic device gets heated up, it becomes prone to various kinds of malfunctionality. This could also be the reason for your iPhone flashlight not working. So, it is advisable that you put down your overheated iPhone for sometime and then use it when it cools down.


With these 4 steps, I hope the flashlight won’t turn on iPhone issue will be resolved. If you want to keep reading such tech related articles, do follow Ityug247.


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