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Does Urgent Care Provide Pap Smear Testing Services?

Northridge urgent care provides many services, which include the service of Pap smear test as well. If you are having symptoms of cervical cancer and your primary care physician is not available, you can always come to Northridge urgent care center to get your Pap smear test done.

Northridge urgent care

Northridge urgent care center believes in a convenient health care system; that is why it is their sheer interest to provide their patients with every facility under one roof. To fulfill this purpose, they are offering the facility of many kinds of diagnostic testing, which also include a Pap smear test. Do you know about the Pap smear test?

What do you know about the Pap smear test?

A Pap smear test is done solely for women because this test helps to diagnose precancerous and cancerous cells in the cervical area. It is a tool for diagnosing cervical cancer. The test is used to detect any irregular cell activity in the cervix and identify if the cell could get cancerous in the future. It helps doctors to take the necessary steps to stop it on time.

Importance of this test

A woman should take a regular Pap smear test as prescribed by her doctor. The person who performs this test is usually a gynaecologist. The test procedure is simple; we will discuss it later. A Pap smear test, if taken on time, can help save your life. The test is equally important for women who have recovered from cervical cancer. It is because cancer is a disease that can return at any time.

When should women start taking this test?

The test is important to take after the woman turns 20 and is sexually active. After 20, women should take this test after every 3 to 4 years. After 30, the risk of developing cervical cancer increases because women after 30 get prone od developing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). If this disease (STD) is left untreated, it can cause cervical cancer too. That is why the doctor, when performing cervical cancer tests, also performs other kinds of tests that identify such health issues.

The procedure of performing a pap smear test

The procedure is simple; the doctor will set an appointment with you. Go to your appointment and make sure that you are not menstruating and have stopped using pads 24 hours before the test. On the day of your test, the doctor will ask you to lay on the examination chair. She will then take a cotton swab to collect the samples from your cervix. Once the sample is collected, the doctor will send it for testing. The test is simple and takes under 5 minutes. Your doctor will ask you to take care of several things before taking the test. Make sure you do as they say.

Pap smear test results

The test results of the Pap smear turn out positive or mixed; it doesn’t always mean that you have cervical cancer. Sometimes, it turns out like that and indicates other cervical infections like STD, etc., to be sure, the doctor will perform further testing. In case it is determined that the woman has cervical cancer, more testing will be done to identify the stage of cancer and help the doctor plan strategy to reverse it.


Some urgent care centers do provide the service of the Pap smear test, including Northridge urgent care. Northridge urgent care provides the best services at an affordable price. A Pap smear test is an important clinical test for women. It allows them to take care of their health in every possible way. The test is used to diagnose cervical cancer. Thus, the test helps eliminate the risk of cancer. 



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