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Does Marijuana Have A Beneficial Effect On Treating Anxiety And PTSD?

Many people commend that cannabis helps treat Anxiety and PTSD. Based on a survey conducted in 2017, 9000 Americans found that 81 percent trusted that cannabis has benefits in treating one or more health issues. Almost half of these people listed Anxiety, depression, and stress relief. But some people report that cannabis makes Anxiety worse. But what is the truth? Is cannabis good or bad for Anxiety and PTSD? Keep reading to learn more on marijuana for Anxiety and PTSD.


Before we get deeper into cannabis, Anxiety, and PTSD, it is essential to know that cannabis has two main functional ingredients: THC and CBD. THC is a compound that makes you high after using cannabis, while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound used for several therapeutic purposes.

How does Cannabis help with PTSD and Anxiety?

Most people use cannabis for Anxiety and PTSD. Both CBD and THC help in reducing these symptoms. The main benefits of cannabis when treating these symptoms include;

  • Increased calmness
  • Good Relaxation
  • Better sleep

Even though research is still required on the effectiveness of cannabis in treating PTSD and Anxiety, studies show that cannabis can help reduce the activity in the part of your brain that responds to fear and threats. Another study shows that cannabinoids can erase traumatic memories.

Symptoms Treated by Marijuana

There are several symptoms of PTSD. And therefore, everyone will have the same symptoms either. But some symptoms that can be treated by cannabis are;

1. Reducing Anxiety

 Anxiety is among the symptoms of PTSD, and often it affects most people, especially social Anxiety. Anxiety can affect your daily life and make it challenging to hold your job and maintain relationships or social functions. THC in medical cannabis will offer some calming effects acting on the right of the combination of neutral structures enabling you to relax.

2. Stop Nightmares

Suppose you want to treat PTSD and Anxiety because you are struggling from sleepless nights. Cannabis might help you with that. Cannabis has been known for a longer period to help in good sleep. The plant helps your body to get a natural sleep cycle.

3. Improves Anger Management

Anger mostly results from stress and Anxiety. Using medical cannabis will help you cope with this, and you will feel fewer emotions in your body, which prompts you to mute anger issues and makes it easier to control them.

4. Low Appetite

If stressed and anxious, you can also experience a loss of Appetite. But marijuana is known for its anger-inducing qualities. It helps boost low Appetite, and you will start to return some semblance of normalcy. The essential thing is that you will start getting the level of nutrition that your body requires.

Best Strains for PTSD and Anxiety

The main strains of PTSD and Anxiety are usually Indica and Sativa. You will use any of these based on what your doctor has recommended. When it comes to treating PTSD, indica is more calming. However, it does not mean that this is the right one. Suppose you have more Anxiety and trouble sleeping. Indica makes the best choice. Sativa strains have more intoxicating effects and might be effective for those with PTSD in the correct dosage. Therefore consult with your doctor before taking any medical cannabis treatment for PTSD and Anxiety.


As you have noted, you can use medical marijuana for Anxiety and PTSD. The treatment is effective, but consult the doctor to recommend the best strains. Suppose you want to use marijuana for Anxiety. You need to note that it sometimes increases Anxiety for some people. And there is usually no way to know the effects before you try it. Make sure to always use it cautiously and start with small doses.



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