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Here Is All About Cryptozoology to Help Draft Your Dissertation

It takes courage to pick something aside from the ordinary, and those who do bring out the surprise for everyone. Cryptozoology is one such subject, an uncommon field of study, less to study and few to teach it. That is why students working on their academic tasks ask for dissertation help UK to draft a complete document. It is so uncommon in some countries even though the threads of this course connect them too, but they have not heard about it.

Have you seen the documentary on Animal Planet named Finding Bigfoot? If it is a yes, then you have stepped into it a little. The summary is quite simple, a group of cryptozoologists examine specific areas in a forest where proof of mythical creatures like a Sasquatch exists. Books and journals can only give you limited information, the preferred way is to look into the related areas. Students due to a shortage of professors seek dissertation help in the UK from experts to complete the work.

The dissertation on this subject revolves around the evidence collected, sightings and proofs found in the areas. Such information questions the existence of such creatures that live nearby but have not yet been caught. It gets confusing, so let’s study the subject in simple language and learn about what animals students can study in this course.

Cryptozoology: Meaning, History and Creatures Students Can Investigate for Their Dissertation

Have you seen Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban? There was an animal that defined the term mythical, a ‘Hippogriff’ named Buckbeak. Similarly, this is what cryptozoology teaches, so let’s learn its origin and meaning quickly.

History and Origin:

History book says the subject ‘cryptozoology’ originated from the work of a Belgian zoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans. He published a book titled “On the Track of Unknown Animals” in 1955, which became a landmark for the coming cryptozoologist for numerous works like this one.

Similar work was noted in 1961 when Ivan T. Sanderson published a book titled Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life. These two works left a remark on building cryptozoologist as a separate field to study. The word cryptozoologist came around 1959 or before and is credited to Heuvelmans giving birth to it. That means ‘the study of hidden animals’.


Cryptozoology is the study that looks at or studies unknown, mythical or extinct animals whose existence is under dispute or unconfirmed, especially from folklore. These creatures are mostly legends, as mainstream science rejects the possibility of such creatures’ existence.

However, it rose after the explosive use of social media and smartphones. There have been sightings and recordings of such creatures, but questions are in the air about their existence.

Now you have completed half route, but to know what lies at the end, you must walk further. Since it is an uncommon subject, many students ask, “Can experts help me to write my dissertation? Because they have very less knowledge of what to investigate for their academic task. So, let this article be the torch in the dark road of this subject:

Mystical Animals Studied under This Course

Bigfoot or Sasquatch:

This creature has been one of the most famous names heard in terms of mythical creatures. If you ask, “Which subject should I choose to write my dissertation? Then this is one of the most famous creatures you can look for.

Bigfoot is a mythical creature described as a hairy animal who can walk on its feet like humans but cannot speak or behave like one. For your dissertation, you have to investigate the forest areas of North America in the Pacific Northwest. A report reveals that there have been around 10,000 sightings in the US related to bigfoot.

Simple advice, since it is under investigation, so do not try to make a solid statement after some proof. To prove something groundbreaking, you need groundbreaking evidence. So, try to keep it in question, like do you believe it exists, etc.

Yeti or Snowmen:

Do not be confused between yeti and bigfoot since they are different but could be distant relatives. Yeti reportedly live in the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. These are also mythical creatures. So you can draft your dissertation around them.

In your dissertation, you can talk about the total area of the mountain range and how much ground is covered by humans so far. After that, you can talk about the evidence that suggests the creature exists, like Frank S. Smythe photographed alleged Yeti footprints in 1937 or the snowmen expedition where Dr Biswamoy Biswas examined the Pangboche yeti scalp in 1954.

These are some famous reports in the archive, but there are other sightings. If you ask “Is there the most current evidence I can include to write my dissertation? It is the photo posted by the Indian army of the alleged footprints of yeti, available on the internet and their official social media handle.

Chupacabra or Chupacabras:

It is also a mythical creature that supposedly existed in Puerto Rico on the Northern American continent. As per the legends, it was reportedly first sighted in 1995. In Spanish, it means the goat sucker.

Students can write their dissertations around this subject by looking into the first case reported. It was in 1975 when a town in Puerto Rico filed a loss of heavy livestock. Later, many farms witnessed a similar thing. Several cattle were bleeding through small circular bites.

In August 1995, Madelyne Tolentino claimed to be the only eye-witness to see this creature in action, as 150 farm animals and pets were reportedly found dead.

Loch Ness Monsters:

Also known as Nessie, it is a folklore creature and inhabitant of Loch Ness, a place in the Scottish Highlands. According to the reports, the world began paying attention to this animal in 1933.

For your dissertation, you can begin by writing the origin of the folklore and its name and then study the various sightings recorded on its account. You can discuss and analyse all the recorded sightings of this creature. Reports suggest that its first alleged sighting came in 565 AD. In 2015, it became visible again when google was analysing its new function, the street view trekker camera underwater.

There have been many sightings, but legitimate proof is yet to come. To your knowledge, a piece of evidence is fake, ‘Surgeon’s photograph’ was the one, so it does not revolve your hypothesis around it.

End of the Line

Cryptozoology is a distinct subject that does not interest many students. Due to that, there are few educators to teach students. That is the chief cause of seeking a dissertation help UK to know how to proceed with the academic task. Refer this article to your fellow mates to acknowledge them about the subject. If you require additional information, feel free to discuss it with the subject matter experts.

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