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5 Reasons to Use Nappies for Newborn

Since ancient times, Indians have used baby cotton langot or nappies for newborns. There are obvious benefits to using this simple diapering option, such as having soft, breathable fabric close to the baby’s skin and working well in terms of absorbency, and keeping the baby’s skin dry.

However, baby cotton langots have been redefined over the years, and the best part is that these new dry-feel langots are ideal for diaper-free times and can hold up to 1 pee, depending on the wetting pattern of each baby. Also, because these newborn nappies are now mess-free, there is less worry about pee puddles and leakage. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of langot for newborns and why you should keep your baby away from disposables.Ā 

5 Benefits Of Baby Langot

Here are the top five benefits of using baby langot over disposable diapers:-Ā 

  1. Keeps Baby Dry And SafeĀ 

Disposable diapers can absorb moisture and expand to nearly 5 times their weight. Wet or moist skin promotes bacterial growth and is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other germs. However, in the case of nappies for newborns, the sensitive area remains dry, preventing the growth of bacteria and other germs.

  1. Avoids RashesĀ 

Diaper rashes contain potentially harmful toxic chemicals that can cause skin irritation in a baby. As a result, langots are made with cotton, gentle elastics, a semi-waterproof TPU layer on the crotch, and a Super DryFeel layer of fleece on top to keep baby dry even after peeing and prevent rashes on the skin around the genital region.

Furthermore, because newborns are more sensitive to moisture in baby langot and cloth nappies than disposable nappies, moms prefer to change cloth nappies more frequently than disposable nappies, which may explain why rashes with cloth nappies are uncommon.

  1. Diaper Free TimesĀ 

Dry feel langot by SuperBottoms reduces exposure to harmful toxins while also allowing for adequate breathability and diaper-free times. It is therefore essential to gradually introduce the langot for newborn and diaper-free experience to a crawling baby.

  1. Gentle On Skin

Langots for newborns are made from skin-friendly materials which is the most significant benefit of using them on babies. Disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylates, chlorine, dyes, and fragrances, all potentially hazardous.

Nappies for newborns reduce toxic exposure while also allowing for adequate breathability. Dry Feel Langot is made of cotton and has a Super DryFeel layer that, when it comes into contact with the baby’s skin, ensures that they do not feel wet or uncomfortable when they pee in it. It also has a double loop for two sizes in one, ensuring a better fit for the baby.

  1. Adorable Twinning

Unlike harmful disposable diapers, these baby cotton langot are extremely cute and come in a variety of print options that you will not be able to resist on your baby.

Pairing these with everyday wear in the summer will make your child look even more adorable.

Bottom LineĀ 

Many generations of Indian mothers have put a new twist on the age-old traditional nappies by adopting the dry feel langot to allow for diaper-free times.

So far, these newborn langots have proven to be effective in preventing rashes and skin irritations while also keeping the baby dry even after peeing.


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